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When we approach art, it is key to understand that what we perceive, corresponds never to reality. Looking at the same scene for example, someone can focus on a specific detail or subject, while someone else may have a general impression of the composition and colors.

Therefore it is important to understand what moves us in the first place when we take a picture, in order to share the same beauty with others.

From the original to art photo:

1. Shoot

While taking the picture I paid particular attention to include the shadows of the trees in the composition.

Original Photo
Original photo

2. Focus

During the editing, I kept the focus on what hit me most (branches and shadows) and blurred softly the background.

Focus and blur
Focus and blur

3. Expression

Through the colors I express the emotion felt in front of the scene. I superimpose a gradient of green and red on the photo.

Pictorical effect
Pictorical effect

4. Recreate

I keep adding nuances of colors and shadows among the leaves, while fading the background, in order to recreate the beauty “I saw”.

Art Photo
Art photo

Editing software: Adobe Photoshop

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