Art Therapy Training

You don’t need to be an artist to participate to Art Therapy, there is no ‘nice’ or ‘ugly’ in what we do, and the sessions are suitable to anyone who wants to use this powerful tool, to accelerate the discovery and healing of deeper resources.
On the other hand, a coach without artistic sensitivity and intuition, will unfortunately not be able to guide you through the full extent of the insights that can be unveiled from your artwork.
Art is a form of expression, and Art Therapy focuses on using any artistic medium (from drawing to writing, music, any hands and crafts, etc.) to express feelings and sub-conscious emotions. Through art and coaching, we go deep into the part of our inner world that is locked and set it free, making way for self-awareness. And from a place of freedom we can prosper.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Anchor to reality

Explore your sub-conscious

The power of any true art is that it allows you to tap into the potential hidden from your self-awareness.
Thus you are able unblock your emotions and discover through a different language new energies of yourself.

Fresco - Oil

Catch the essence

It’s not about portraying realistically.
It’s about catching the essence of the characters and surrounding life.
And the more you explore yourself, the more you can understand others.


Dare to be ‘ugly’

In approaching Art, many seek gratification by achieving something beautiful that others can admire.
But Art Therapy has its most powerful results, when your artwork is free from the need of pleasing others.
Thus you can reach the highest form of self-honesty, allowing you to transform the ugly, and unbind the beauty of your soul.

Art Therapy Training

First Session is Free

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