Relationship Counseling

Divorce and break-ups are very common in our culture, and it’s quite common to still be single in the later years of adulthood. Failed relationships erode confidence, leaving you feeling defeated and hopeless.

Having a loving relationship requires awareness, courage and honesty. Good communication also takes awareness of the way you communicate based on early life experiences.

Relationships are all about patterns. Counseling guides you in changing those patterns.

Relationship Counseling

The aim of relationship counseling is to help you improve the relationship with your partner.

Relationships are a very influential part of our lives and unhappiness in this area has huge impact on other areas of our life.

Relationship counseling may be beneficial if you…

  • are experiencing difficulties in a long term relationship
  • have issues in forming close relationships with others
  • are dealing with excessive controlling or jealousy
  • are dealing with commitment fears

Couple Counseling

Couple counseling is an opportunity for a couple to examine why their relationship is blocked.

More often than not, the process – how you are fighting – is the important consideration, it does not matter what the issue is, if the way of discussing is one person yelling and the other person crying.

Couple Counseling may be beneficial if you…

  • are not able to communicate your feelings to one another
  • interact with criticism, power games or aggressions
  • experience infidelity, sexual problems or lack of closeness
  • fear separating and feel dependency
  • fight for different values and beliefs

Love Counseling

Regardless of whether you have been single for years, have struggled with shyness, or moved from one failed relationship to another, there is help and hope. With the right support and guidance, you can begin to feel good about yourself and build on your strengths.

You can explore the types of partners that you choose and why. You can learn how to express yourself clearly, develop the confidence to ask for what you need, and become more attuned to the needs of others.

Love Counseling may be beneficial if you…

  • feel lonely and long for love in your life
  • wonder why your relationships always fail
  • are questioning why it’s so hard for you to connect with others and find that someone special
  • are in yet another unhealthy relationship


Sexuality is still very much of a taboo, yet it forms a natural and important part of our lives. A poor sex life can result in unhappiness that impacts negatively on other areas of relationships.

Sexuality counseling may be beneficial if you…

  • are currently unhappy about your sex life
  • experienced infidelity by yourself or your partner
  • are experiencing loss of desire in your relationship
  • want to talk through fixations about sex which you want to address


Parent counseling can help you to develop your parenting skills and confidence, to find the right balance between care and guidance for your children, and give you a sense of fulfillment as a parent.

Parent Counseling may be beneficial if you…

  • are new to parenthood
  • are a single parent
  • are dealing with your children entering a new phase in their lives such as teens
  • witness interference from other family members
  • feel loss of self-confidence in your role as a parent

Relationship Counseling

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