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Salvador Dalí - Cola de Golondrina

Inside the house waited a mask
of wearing it I wasn’t aware

Poetry and beauty to hide the memory
of silent the pain of the heart

A canvas awaited white and thin
too fragile for colors so warm

I thought I lifted the veil as a painter
but a carpenter came to make a tripod

too frail was the canvas to stand on its own.

Captain of my Soul

Moby Dick

I walk broken dreams in the middle of rubbles
the breaches no more hold me from the light

In the middle of rest I am surprised by an epiphany
I am master of my destiny I am captain of my soul

So many years I searched for a pattern in the stars
with just a compass to guide me through the storms

To find out the truth that I already had it all inside
so I take a feather to rewrite anew the story of mine

No fate was written to bound me to these chains
no more I am slave in the circles of endless cycles

I don’t seek approval anymore nor yours nor mine
this is my only life nothing I know about the next

It’s as simple as the truth that now belongs to me
I am master of my destiny I am captain of my soul

So let me look after you my only choice and child
as the only choice I have is the one I regret no more.

Cathedral of Love

August Rodin - Cathedral of Love

Silence in the shadow of my memories
where the heart hides from the winds

My tears without voice I really didn’t see
not knowing that still I was stuck in pain

The vision of you now opens my wounds again
but something’s different no more I hide in fear

Your deep eyes soften the thorns in my flesh
the way you look at me feels just to be right

A voice I hear whispering in my ear
to be brave enough to care about you

Slowly my hands open in forgiveness
pride fades away in a act of kindness

Finally I heal from the wounds of time
while my breath finds a deeper sound

Our lips stop hurting blindly each other
sweet silence between us… giving and taking



I have seen naked beings torn in the chest
struggle on the ground in agony

Other beings with butterfly’s hearts 
hovering in transparency 

Flowers wither at change of season 
vanish like snow in the sun 

Colors appear in light evanescence 
and dress with new … magnificence. 

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