Do you know the meaning of Ubuntu?

No, I am not talking about the open-source Linux operating system.

An anthropologist in Africa studying the customs of a tribe, proposed a game for the children to play.

He put lots of candies in a basket under a tree, and then called the kids together. He drew a line on the ground and told them to wait for his signal, and when he said “Go” they should run to the basket, the first to arrive would win all the candies.

When he said “Go!” they all held each other’s hands and ran off towards the tree as a group. Once there, they shared the candy with each other and happily ate it.

The anthropologist asked them why they had all gone together, since the first one to arrive could have won all the sweets in the basket.

A young girl replied:

“UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the others are sad?”

Ubuntu is a Zulu or Xhosa word, and means “I am because we are”, a person is a person through other people, being part of a greater whole.

Ubuntu is an African concept to express that in life we are all connected, and one can truly grow and progress only through the growth and progression of others.

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Francesco Castronovo

Francesco Castronovo

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